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Carboholic Courseprotege

The community where it all comes together. Carboholic Course and online support all in one.


Personal personaltraining

Customized strength & conditioning training with Patrick Hitches.


Nutrition distance-coaching

Personalized training
& nutrition coaching from afar.


Baby Belly

Get your pre-baby body back with this postnatal specialty program.


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Why Foundation Fitness

Only the truth

The fitness industry is saturated with endless noise capitalizing on what people want to hear. Foundation Fitness aims to cut through all the misconceptions aims to deliver on what only has been time tested and scientifically proven.

Nutrition & Fitness

Without a focus on what you’re eating, training becomes a process of working hard without any reward. Results unfold when dedication meets consistency and what would once be considered “dieting” is now a lifestyle.

Sustainable Results

At the end of the day, it’s about results and maintaining them. We work smarter so you don’t have to work harder. Without achieving the end game of looking and feeling good for the long haul, your efforts are all in vain. We believe you deserve the body of your dreams.

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